Book Three Incoming

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover for the book I’m working on now:


As the subtitle says, it’s the third book about the torch ship Kestrel and her crew. This time the story is less about old damaged ships on the edge of the solar system, and more about crime and punishment in the big (orbital) city.

It took me seven years to write my first unpublished book about this far-future world. These three stories have come much more quickly.I’m not sure what the difference is. Perhaps it’s that I’ve approached these stories with a lighter heart. I want to have fun with them, and I want the reader to have fun. It makes them fun to write. There’s still the constant struggle over dumb mistakes I make in the plot or awkwardness caused by my personal quirks and habits, but I’m doing something or other differently now that makes the story come out quicker and easier.

Maybe it’s just that I get along well with the characters.

You can still find books one and two on amazon:

The Kestrel Chronicles