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Esgar Rayleigh

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CEO of Rayleigh Scientific, Captain of the torch ship Kestrel

Esgar Rayleigh, along with his brother Jaemon, inherited majority ownership of Rayleigh Company, an old and prestigious shipping firm that was driven nearly to bankruptcy by his father. He and Jaemon liquidated most of the firm’s assets and laid off most of its employees in a desperate bid to save the company. A fortunate meeting with a wealthy scientist named Constantine Yaug led to a life-saving investment that funded the transformation of Rayleigh Company into Rayleigh Scientific, a company that provides mobile scientific transport and support services throughout the solar system.

Esgar and several of his crew are Jovians whose embodiments reflect traditional aesthetics of the old families of Jupiter’s moons. Those families’ predilection for tall, slim body types, pointed ears, and monochromatic skin tones means that other inhabitants of the solar system often refer to them—perhaps jokingly—as “elves.”